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We asked: What if people’s experience of lawyers and legal services could be more meaningful, provide real value and be more…human?

With this in mind, We created a holistic, collaborative and entrepreneurial approach for our clients, working as part of their team to create long-term value. Today, we help entrepreneurs, startups and fast growing companies, build strong, sustainable businesses with purpose.  We believe law should be a tool to empower you.

That’s the Clearpoint Difference.

Forget everything you know about how Lawyers work.

We practice law in a new way to create value for all your stakeholders. Think of us as the legal expert on your team.


We’re a team of dedicated lawyers with specialised in house experience. We provide you with strategic advice for your business as well as proactively managing your day to day legal affairs.  We work as part of your team to identify your legal requirements, ensuring these align with your business objectives and your purpose.  


We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.
So we’ve created 3 ways we help you manage your legal spend at each stage of your growth cycle:

  • Starter



    • Unlimited Chat Based Advice for $100 plus GST per month.

    • Pay annually in advance and receive 2 months free.
    • Access to a suite of fixed price small business documents.
    • Bookable half hour meetings.
    • Fixed fee quotes.
    • Best for Early stage start ups.



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  • Advisor


    •  Chat, email, and telephone advice for $500 plus GST per month.

    • Pay annually in advance and receive 2 months free.
    • 3 half hour strategy & review sessions included per quarter.
    • Access to a suite of discounted fixed price small to medium sized business documents.
    • Additional bookable half hour meetings and fixed fee quotes at discounted rates.
    • Best for funded startups, SMEs and fast growing companies at acquisition, merger or next level investment stage.


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  • General Counsel


    • Your own dedicated legal department from $3,000 plus GST per month.

    • Total management of your legal requirements.
    • Lawyer onsite from 1 day per week.
    • Strategic advice, planning and management of specialist advisors.
    • Advisory Board membership.
    • Best for fully funded startups, SMEs (20+ employees) and businesses with a high level of ongoing legal and business advisory requirements.


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What We Do.

We give you strategic legal advice. We draft docs. We solve your problems. We teach you how to troubleshoot problems before they get legal. We do deals. And we provide self empowering ways for you to learn about the legal side of your business for yourself, so you need us less!

Here’s an example of what your in house legal team can do for your business:


Start Up Legals

Legal building blocks: Pre-Incorp founders agreements, incorporation, Shareholder’s Deed, subscription agreements, IP & asset protection & IP register set up, investor due diligence – Seed or Series A, Startup Structuring Checklist

Day to Day Business (Commercial)

Terms & Conditions, service level agreements, lease agreements, negotiation of deal terms, Joint ventures, MOUs, heads of agreement, privacy policies, supplier agreements

Business Expansion (Corporate)

Corporate re-structuring, buy & sell agreements, trust deeds, investor due diligence – IPO/ Mergers & Acquisitions, convertible notes, negotiation of deal terms, exit strategies

Protecting Your Brand

Trademark registration, IP Registers, Domain name protection

Protecting Your People

Employee share schemes, employee & contractor agreements, employee handbooks & policies, privacy policies

Social Enterprise & Sustainable Economies Law

Social Enterprises corporate structures, not for profit registration, co-operative structures, ethical property transactions, conscious contracts

Media & Entertainment

Chain of title clearances, script clearance, talent agreements, production & licence agreements, sponsorship/events agreements, negotiation of deal memos, content distribution, sales agent agreements, competitions & promotions

B Corporation Certification Training

B Corp certification transaction documents, B Corp compliant contracts, B Ready Education Program

“Clearpoint does really integrate really well into your company’s culture. The future is bright for us in no small part because of the way Clearpoint have structured us. I know Joel is passionate about helping us get to the next level and that’s the beauty of working with this model”

Cade Witnish, Managing Director, Loud & Clear

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“Meeting the Clearpoint team was a revelation for us. We’d never come across lawyers who operated in this way. It was refreshing.”

Julie Gibson, Co-Founder, Hitnet

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“What I love about working with Joel was his vision for how he would grow a team. We’re a fast growing company and suddenly we had our own in-house counsel to grow with us. So what happened was Clearpoint and the Hub grew our respective companies together.”

Brad Krauskopf, CEO & Founder Hub Australia

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Trusted By Some of Australia’s Leading Startups and Companies



Clearpoint Counsel is Australia’s first certified B Corp Law Firm

We became a B Corp because we believe that business has a higher social purpose beyond profit. The B Corp assessment gives us a framework to measure our success against rigorous values and responsible practices as we scale as a company.

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<CLEARLaB> is our innovation, research and learning division.

We understand the law has many complexities developed from years of precedent and tradition. With the demands of the new economy and changing technologies we recognise that innovation and education are critical to the success of legal evolution. Welcome to ClearLab. A place of legal learning for people.


Here we educate clients about law, and lawyers about clients. Insightful articles, fast-track learning courses, case studies and events of interest.

Find Out what’s on in the Lab

Branded Trust system

Clearpoint Counsel is implementing the Branded Trust Assurance System to monitor and improve our social, environmental and governance performance. The first step in this process is adopting of the Social Responsibility Code, available for download below.



Insights /Thought Leadership

B Ready Program –  Wednesday November 11

We have x2 Scholarships available. To apply,give us 3 good reasons why you’d like to be a good business or a B Corp? Email:

We operate out of The Hub, Australia’s premiere co-working space. Drop by, or get in-touch:


Email us:


Give Us A Call: 1300 736 273