Clearpoint Counsel | Spotlight on: Rania Tannous, General Counsel @Clearpoint Counsel
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Spotlight on: Rania Tannous, General Counsel @Clearpoint Counsel

22 Oct Spotlight on: Rania Tannous, General Counsel @Clearpoint Counsel

Rania’s name means “queen” and it is no accident that she inspires confidence in people around her.  Rania has had an eviable career in the corporate world as an inhouse counsel and is grounded in her approach to law and in life.


She has worked for some of the leading institutions in the financial sector, such as AMP Limited, and lead legal teams throughout her career. She made the leap to Clearpoint after meeting founder Joel Cranshaw at an industry event.

“I really admired the entrepreneurial approach to the practice, as well as the positive culture and flexibility offered to the lawyers. It was a very different environment than what I had been used to. Meeting Joel was one thing, but after I got to know  the team, I knew I could make a real difference.”


Since Rania joined as a General Counsel earlier this year, the team has added two more lawyers from different backgrounds who embody the “right” attitude. She and the senior team have now started developing the “Clearpoint approach’ to lawyering. For Rania, the right attitude means a willingness to learn, to work collaboratively without ego, and the ability to be an empathic listener  and these traits are critical to being a good lawyer. Her passion for training junior lawyers is infectious:

“For me, matching the personality of the lawyer to the client is essential. I’m always there to be a guide and to offer experience, but it’s great to see how the team has grown and worked together seamlessly as a team. Clients also get the benefit of quick response times and this seamless approach, which is not typical in traditional lawfirms. There is always someone to look after you at Clearpoint and I love that.


Lawyering for Rania is also about creative problem solving and the challenge of using her analytical & legal skills to meet the commercial needs of clients. But it is her love of people which shines through in her service to clients, and the aspect she loved the most about her practice. Developing the professional skills of the lawyers and creating diversity is also paramount, and this comes from flow of good quality work.

“The kinds of clients we have at Clearpoint are extremely inspiring and doing some incredible things in the world – that helps the team develop their commercial judgement, and we encourage our lawyers to develop a commercial approach.”


On the issue of disrupting the legal profession, Rania has a practical attitude. Technology will certainly help some inefficiencies, but nothing will replace the need for a quality stratgic adviser on your team.

I wish that people would see us as more than drafting documents, or regurgitating legislation. We’ve had tremendous exposure to a wide range of business approaches because it’s what we do everyday, so our role as strategic advisers is often undervalued.”


In this way Rania seeks also to train her clients to the benefits of using a lawyer as a strategic advisor and in her experience the clients that use a lawyer’s skills in this way are the ones that succeed.

Rania Tannous can be contacted at

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