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Clearpoint Counsel is a B Corp.
So what does this mean exactly?

In an age where over 58% out of the 150 most powerful entities on the planet are companies* not governments, the need for business to take a leading role in managing the social and environmental problems of our world is fast becoming a popular and necessary adaptation of our social expectation for our business leaders.


B Corporations are a new kind of company that are legally required to consider the interests of their stakeholders (employee, suppliers and their community) as well as their shareholders. As of 2015, there are more than 1257 Certified B Corporations in more than 121 industries in 41 countries with  one unifying goal – to use business as a force for good.


B Lab is the certification body, which certifies businesses on rigorous criteria such as governance, environmental responsibility and community engagement. It has now expanded to Australia.

Why we became a B Corp?

We became a B Corp because we believe that business has a higher social purpose beyond profit. The B Corp assessment gives us a framework to measure our success against rigorous values and responsible practices as we scale as a company.


Working with our clients who have gone through the B Corp certification, such as Hub Australia and Hitnet, also inspired us to undertake the process ourselves.  In doing so, we explored the complex legal issues which challenge the notion that stakeholders could even be recognised as having a legitimate interest in company decisions.

What does this mean for a law firm?

Becoming a B Corp law firm means we can:

  • be identified as a legal services firm who is committed to a shift in our business, which centres around providing added value to clients and our community
  • assist clients who would like to use their business as a force for good through social entrepreneurship style management, legal structures and B-Corp Certification processes
  • be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders in a structured way
  • Combat some of the mental health issues in the legal sector, by providing healthier working environments for our lawyers (currently 33.3% of lawyers are affected by anxiety, depression or other mental health issues)

3 Good Reasons for you to become a B Corp

The B Corp framework is simple.

It doesn’t ask you to stop being a business, become a charity or suddenly take on the social responsibility of a government. It asks you to engage with your own ecosystem of operation. It asks you to shift the focus from simply extracting from the resources around you to contributing and nurturing to them for the long term.  It assesses your strengths in 5 areas: Business Model, Governance, Employees, Community and Environment scoring these and giving best practice tips to improve.

The B Corp framework is scaleable.

No matter which country, state or city you are in, the B Corp framework allows you to build a better business.  The systems applies regardless of which kind of business you are, what size, and in most cases is complementary to existing laws and regulations.

The B Corp framework is an intuitive response to our need to make companies human:

Corporations are now the most powerful economic entities on earth, affecting almost every area of our lives – as workers, consumers and custodians of the corporate entity itself.  The B Corp framework allows stakeholder considerations to be incorporated into the governance structures of a company without waiting for extensive legal reform.

How you can become a B Corp

Becoming a B Corp in Australia can be done through B Lab Australia the not for profit body dedicated to certifying companies through the B Lab Assessment.


You must get 80 out of 200 points in the B Impact Assessment to become a B Corp. The tool assesses how the company is reducing its impact and delivering benefits for all stakeholders — workers, governance, environment, and the community.

Get in touch to find out more about becoming a B Corp.