Clearpoint Counsel | The Clearpoint Of Difference
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The Clearpoint Story

Clearpoint Counsel (CPC) was established by founder Joel Cranshaw in Melbourne in 2011 to revolutionise legal services to meet the demands of new economy businesses by providing values-based outsourced in-house services for fixed fee retainers.

With one in three lawyers in Australia suffering from anxiety and depression, Joel saw also a need to create an empowering professional work experience for lawyers. His theory was simple happy lawyers = happy clients. The “retainer model” business model of delivering legal services was a major factor in meeting both outcomes.

Today Joel and his team have expanded this concept to create ClearLab, a unique client –lawyer co-learning model, which embodies Clearpoint’s purpose, how we serve our clients/community and what we are trying to achieve to change the legal industry.

Clearpoint Counsel seeks to do law differently.

Our Points of Difference

We are a people-first organisation.

First Australian B Corp certified lawfirm which means we consider the interests of our stakeholders ( our people, community, & environment) in our decisions

Values-based, quality services by highly skilled in-house lawyers

Modern app based approach in service

Focused on your success & growth

Customised retainer models to grow with you

Capped legal spends – No billable units

Access to unique opportunities through our community partnership programs & investor networks through ClearLab 

Legal Learning programs through Co.Lab

Advocacy & leadership in key issues affecting our clients through ClearLab 

Award Winning.
The Change We Seek

The Clearpoint team believes that for business to be a force for good in the world, the appropriate legal structures need to support that change. Combined with the company cultural shifts that we are seeing today, this is one of the most significant business trends we may see in our lifetime.

Clearpoint’s vision is to see law reform in Australia and worldwide to enable profit for purpose companies to operate successfully in their jurisdictions, whether through the creation of an entire new legal structure or existing legislative changes in corporate and tax law.  


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